“I came to Dr. Nitsch for a severe case of elbow tendonitis. I could not even lift or hold a can of soda. After being treated by Dr. Nitsch not only can I lift soda cans I have began lifting weights again. I would highly recommend Dr. Nitsch for any arm, legs or back ailments you have. I’m so glad I came into her office and got treated by her.”
Cary B. 1/25/2011

“I came to Dr. Nitsch because she does acupuncture. A few years ago, I experienced the healing power of acupuncture after a car accident. I had been looking for someone after an allergic reaction, which affected my tendons from taking antibiotics. My feet were hurting so badly I could barely walk in the door of The Healing Corner. Within two weeks the acupuncture Dr. Nitsch administered had me walking without pain.”
B.J.E. 1/11/2011

“In the office I read about the HCG and began that process. At first it seemed scary but proved to be a very satisfactory and beneficial endeavor. I was not obese, but had belly fat that kept getting bigger. I am down 2 dress sizes now and the abdomen is much smaller. Most of all, I just feel SO much better since I met Nancy.”
B.J. E. 1/11/2011

“When I walked into Nancy Nitsch’s office I was using a walker and could barely walk. After just a few weeks I had no walker, started driving, walking through stores, cooking, cleaning, walking 1/4 mile to mailbox. I had vertebrates where they shouldn’t be, two deteriorated disks. I now have a straight back and my disks are still in place. Nancy gave me my life back. When I walk in I see a smile and a very nice caring person. God directed Nancy in the right direction. Nancy has healing caring hands. Her business should be called Healing Hands. Nancy is now using a special tape (Kenesio tape) and I didn’t think I could be any better but I am. God bless you Nancy and I thank God for you. Your the best.”

Betty C. 03/23/2011