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                           Good health is more than the absence of symptoms or disease.

In fact some symptoms are just an indication your body is healthy and doing its corrective processes. For example if you eat some spoiled food. Your symptom of a loose stool is your body's "healthy" response to clearing away the offending toxins. More and more people are interested in not only treating an illness but keeping their body tuned up. In this way one stays confident of a good response to the various insulting factors they might encounter. Chiropractic is one of the best ways to boost your healthy response as it is a tremendous benefit to your nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments are priceless in removing interference to your nervous system.




                                                                      Mental Attitude

                                                             All contribute to good health.

                                                      But a balancing spinal alignment thru

                                                      CHIROPRACTIC ... "PRICELESS"!


                                                      Special offer ends January 15, 2016


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I came to Dr. Nitsch for a severe case of elbow tendonitis. I could not even lift or hold a can of soda. After being treated by Dr. Nitsch not only can I lift soda cans I have began lifting weights again. I would highly recommend Dr. Nitsch for any arm, legs or back ailments you have. I'm so glad I came into her office and got treated by her."
    Cary Blum 1/25/2011
  • "I came to Dr. Nitsch because she does acupuncture. A few years ago, I experienced the healing power of acupuncture after a car accident. I had been looking for someone after an allergic reaction, which affected my tendons from taking antibiotics. My feet were hurting so badly I could barely walk in the door of The Healing Corner. Within two weeks the acupuncture Dr. Nitsch administered had me walking without pain."
    B.J.Eavy 1/11/2011
  • "In the office I read about the HCG and began that process. At first it seemed scary but proved to be a very satisfactory and beneficial endeavor. I was not obese, but had belly fat that kept getting bigger. I am down 2 dress sizes now and the abdomen is much smaller. Most of all, I just feel SO much better since I met Nancy."
    B.J. Eavy 1/11/2011