Auricular therapy is electrical stimulation of specific detectable points on the surface of the auricle or ear. Using different protocols, or in other words different points it can be used to effectively treat thousands of different conditions. Auricular therapy is a branch of acupuncture and works in very much the same way. A return to balance is achieved through stimulation of points on the surface of the body thus re-establishing energy pathways. In the past, prior to your decision to introduce nicotine, these balanced energy pathways had been the normal mode of operation for you.

Your use of nicotine developed an undesirable operating system and a strong chemical dependency. Nicotine is so chemically addicting that it takes only 1 or 2 cigarettes to create the dependency. Utilizing auricular therapy we can stimulate specific points eliminating the dependency by eliminating the withdrawal symptoms. This is due to the fact that the treatment causes a natural release of endorphins, your brain’s natural pain killing/feel good chemicals. The satisfaction and energy boost caused by endorphins is actually what a nicotine addict is looking for when they use. We need approximately 72 hrs. to break the cycle because this is the time it takes to get the nicotine out of your system. The reaction for each individual varies. However for the majority just one treatment is sufficient to get them through the 72 hrs. and breaking the addiction.

We offer 6 additional “boosters” over the period of the 6 weeks following your treatment. But it is our agreement together that you remain nicotine free in order to be entitled to continuing with the program. In the rare event that you slip up and use nicotine again you will be required to start the program over from the beginning. The need for an occasional “booster” beyond the 6 weeks is available for a small fee, but is seldom required.

My goal is the same as yours, to succeed at returning you to freedom from nicotine and all the benefits that come with this freedom. Some have described this as a method that helped them get past the withdrawal stage. In other words you have to personally want to be free from nicotine and continue the good behavior and commitment until such time that you have established a new, good habit.

Click on this link to see a timeline of the health improvements after your last cigarette.

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