Therapy And Pain Management for Auto Injuries

The injuries sustained in a car accident can sometimes result in lifelong pain. This pain can be debilitating in nature and may affect the accident victim’s ability to work or function normally in even simple, day to day activities. Back pain, neck pain and headaches may make it difficult or even impossible to do even the most menial of tasks. Taking a shower, walking the dog, or sitting down for a meal may become excruciating undertakings because of intense, relentless pain. Whether an individual is suffering from long-term, short-tem, profound or mild pain due to an auto accident, consulting with an auto injury chiropractor is highly recommended.

There are many types of injuries that are commonly associated with auto acidents. Victims of auto accidents may sustain injuries such as: broken bones, sprains, strains and spine, head or neck injuries. One injury that is prevalent in auto accidents is whiplash. Whiplash can cause injury to the soft tissues in the neck such as the ligaments, tendons and muscles. This injury is caused by the sudden abnormal motion of the head and neck. The head and neck will quickly “snap” forward and backward, and this causes the neck to move beyond it’s normal range of motion. We can treat the pain associated with various types of auto accident related injuries.

Pain should not imprison people in their own bodies. Dr. Nancy Nitsch, D.C. is committed to providing her patients with superior chiropractic treatment services including physical therapy.

As an auto injury chiropractor, Dr. Nancy Nitsch has the qualifications necessary to provide her patients with a range of treatment modalities. Treatment modalities include such things as spinal manipulation , cold therapy, acupuncture and physical therapy. The specific pain management technique used by Dr. Nancy Nitsch will depend on numerous factors such as the patient’s health. medical history, cause of pain and level of pain. An auto injury chiropractor will evaluate the individual and then determine the method of treatment that will best treat, manage or alleviate the patient’s pain symptoms. Dr Nancy Nitsch believes that pain should not imprison people in their own bodies. For this reason, she is committed to providing her patients with superior chiropractic treatment services.

Our chiropractic services are designed to not only bring better health to the patient but a better way of life as well. Chiropractic care is a natural, hands on approach to the treatment and management of pain, and Dr. Nancy Nitsch strives to provide her patients with the best chiropractic care possible.

Victims of auto accidents often experience injuries that cause them persistent pain long after the accident. This can negatively affect the individual’s life in many areas including work, family and recreation. Back pain, neck pain, headaches and other painful symptoms can truly take the enjoyment out of life. However, accident victims do not have to continue suffering from injuries sustained in an auto accident. Through physical therapy an auto accident chiropractor can help individuals manage and alleviate the pain associated with auto accident injuries. Dr. Nancy Nitsch can provide the treatment and care auto accident victims both need and deserve.

We can help you with your pain and get you back on the road to a fulfilling life.